Sunday, April 01, 2007

Yuhana Jamukina

Yesterday, I brought Joe and Habeeb back to my village in Kampung Delek Klang. They were having a “Majlis Cukur Jambul” for Ucu Ana’s youngest daughter, Awatif. We went there around 12.30 o’clock and we reached Kampung Delek at 1 p.m. The Majlis hasn’t started yet during that time….

Cukur... cukur.. jangan tak cukur~

Auntie Shikin asked me to bring her to Jalan Masjid India to pick up some one there who didn’t know the direction to Our Kampung Delek’s house.. owh… the majlis started and ended according to plan. Alhamdulillah~ Awatif has finally cukur her jambul off dat day. Hahahaha……

Ayunye Habeeb membantu~ ahahaha


Back in Shah Alam around 4 p.m, went to Baskin Robins picking up Ice Cream, met Kerol there, then picked up my CPU at section 3 before going back home playing God Of War 2 wit Habeeb. Owh…. FYI, we’ve finally completed the game!!! Aaahahahaha… power2…..but what disappoint us is that there is gonna be a God Of War 3 coming out soon… hurmm….

Abg Sid ngan Khalifah

Huda yang sexy~ ahahaha

Kerol, Papa, Apis, Tengku and Joe were sleeping over at my house last night. Coz we were gonna have a friendly match the next morning. Against Proton Team. I slept early last night, since I got classes to teach tomorrow. The next morning, I woke up and noticed that Kerol was using my laptop and he explained to me that he didn’t sleep yet since yesterday. Hahahaha… kesian die… :p

Owh… I didn’t join my team playing against Proton team that morning since I got classes to teach. Hahaha… u know what, by the time I reached Bukit Jelutung, The rain started to fall… owh and it was quite heavy rain gak laaaa…. And then Apis called me and he told me the match was postponed… at 2 p.m.

3 Super Subs menanti giliran dipanggil

I played for a few minutes coz my leg got injured again. Hurmm.. but thank god we won the match… eventhough the Padang was soooooooooo basah!!! Owh I felt like I was playing in the Sunway Lagoon!!! Sooooooooooooo wet!!!! And slippy~.. Kerol scored twice and Joe scored another one. 2 penalties. Hahahaha Owh.. but bola saye koyak sebelah!!! Ahahahahahaha….

Selepas match

No incidents were reported.... we were behind 2-0 during the first half. A few mistakes by the defender led us to it. Kerol managed to score 1 goal after that which gave us some hope to continue playing. A few minutes later, Raman was being pushed inside the penalty box and we were awarded a penalty kick! Joe kicked the ball nicely to give us the equaliser.

And that makes it 6 wins in 6 matches… hhuhu… quite a good stats ey? :p hahahaha… I Lyke I Lkyke!!!!

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