Saturday, March 31, 2007

Borring~ Morning~ Pening~ Hening~

I was sooo boring today I woke up at 4.40 a.m.. so I browsed through the net, trying to find some jokes or funny pictures, facts and so on... Went into some forums, chatting wit those people who are the kind of MORNING-SURFERS.... hehehe.... some articles and pictures really caught my attention. Heh.... really2 interesting pictures and jokes I got here. But, maybe I'll just post those which really2 relevan to me and u guys out there.. hahaha

First,at last I found the picture of our Menteri Besar's (Khir Toyo) face transformation.

Before and after

I'm not the kind of people who is going to say anything about what he did or not... maybe he didn't do as what other people are saying he did. Hahaha.... inject laa, itulaa ini lah.... so... maybe he's right... he didn't do anything. But... if he did, hehe... come onlaa..... pemimpin negare kan? ape laa kalau buat kan? kite kene lead org... tapi buat tak bul plak... and if he didn't do anything, apelah org2 ramai nie.. suke buat ramalan sesuke hati~ kah kah kah.. so.. dont sibuk2 cite pasal org lain.... sendiri mahu ingat!!!! who does anything wrong, he or she will receive the right punishment rite?? hhuhuhuhu......

Hahaha.. next on the list..... a funny GIF picture.... ahaha.... the article is about a dangerous style of Rapers hanging out in lorong2 kedai, so... their new style might be a bit dangerous laa.... hahahaha.. see for yourself

Hehehe... lawak kan? lawak kan? there's a comment about this picture which really made me laugh gile2.. "Mak Ai.. macam transformers!!!" hahaha

A wonder AD by MTV is next on the list.... unfortunately, it is banned from being shown to the public by the U.S Government.... hehehe

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