Thursday, March 08, 2007

Arghhh!!!!!!!!!!! Tension!!!!!!

The End, Finito, Arsenal.. hehe.... kesian Arsenal.... BYE2 champions League...

Man UTD 1 - 0 Lille (agg 2 - 0) Larssen's 72nd-minute goal, in his last game for Man Utd at Old Trafford, is enough to book the hosts a quarter-final berth

AC Milan 1-0 Celtic (agg 1-0 AET): Kaka goes close for Milan at the San Siro, while Celtic chase an away goal

Arsenal 1 - 1 PSV Eindhoven (agg 1 - 2)Alex's equaliser makes it 1-2 on aggregate and spells disaster for Arsenal's hopes - with just seven minutes to play...

Bayern 2 - 1 Real Madrid (agg 4 - 4) Bayern celebrate as a second-half header Lucio looks to have secured a place in the last eight for the hosts


electrical life sucks said... u atlast dpt q final since 2003..lame gak x g 1/4 larrson punye gol mmg terbaik...a perfect gol to go home(sweden) and all man u fans around the world'll remember him as a swede legend!...owh! i'll miss him lpas die kene sub...x pe smith da balik...sib baik volley die x gol...haha...erm arsenal kesian...adebayor bodo...jual la die..haha!

aB said...

haha tu lah.. jual kat Man U.. kau nak tak?? ahahaha