Friday, March 16, 2007

I Didn't know he'd moved~!!! ahahaha

I was being recommended by a friend (Isalfi) to join our Persatuan Kejuruteraan Awam (PERKA)  football team yesterday. Okay.. that's a good news laa.. but actually... I'm not that fit currently to play serious football. But..

AP (isalfi) said that..
"come on laa... name naik fakulti beb... main aje... main biase biase aje.. kalau kalah pon tak kisah laa..."
Joe said :
"Oh... boleh try... tapi bahaye do.. kau punye kaki tu bukannye fit sangat.... dahlah dorang tu nanti main ganas2.."
Erwan said :
"oh.. baguslah kau main.... gempak sikit fakulti kite.... haha.. main striker eh?"

So... setelah dipujuk2.... I agreed and join the team last night. Haha.. try ajelah.. nothing to lose... and I just got my first training today... (Friday) at 6 p.m... and I think I'm going to rush a bit today since my mother asked me to bring her and my fellow brothers to watch Mukhsin... ooohohho.... 3 movies in 3 days ey?? what an achievement u got there AB! ahahaha....

Owh.. today, we were having our best moment ever doing laboratory works! hahaha... a few pictures are posted. Haha.. no point to tell you guys what the hell am I doing in those pictures since U guys won't understand!! (sorry if there is anybody who understand aa).. keh keh keh....

Okey.... that thing I'm holding is called SCHMIT REBOUND HAMMER

and that my friend... is a broken ROCK

Wek... point load test (FYI... actually I wear glasses okey!?? ahahaha...)

Okey.. my mentor... Mr Ismacahyadi Bagus

My fellow compatriots... ahahaha.. they always do the work.. and I always do the complaints!! haha..... owh both of them are hardworking human being.. Ana and Nabilah

Okay.. did I tell u dat I'm recovering from some of my SADNESS?? Okay... ahaha.. last night at Cili Merah... guess what happened?? she came!!! and I saw her..!! haha.. owh SITI~.. she was wearing Baju Kurung laaa.. and Ramanan asked me.. "Ey... nape die asik pandang sini aje??" Huhuhhu.... suke suke!!!! Owh. btw.. before I forgot.. We are gonna have a friendly match this Sunday.. and that will be the return of Satyiaa back in action!! ahahaha...... tak sabar nieH!!!!

Owh.... and for Syukri and whoever that is going for PLKN.... hope U enjoy ur tasks eY~!!! enjoy ur days there!!! enjoy every single moment that u spend nanti k!!??? ahahaha.... and my advice is... try making as many GOOD friends as u can... it might come in handy later on kan?? huhuhu..... but.. dont forget us laa....

May the Force be Wit Ya~!!! hahahaha

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