Monday, March 12, 2007

Hehe... congrats!! SPM candidates!

okay.... where should I start? can I start wit the fact that I woke up early gile laa..... can't get enuff sleep lah last nite... thinking about the SPM results... ehehehe..... sooo takutlah kan. Coz I think last year's batch (2006 SPM) is the most main main punye batch laa... come on laa... can anybody think of Teacher hanging out wit students?? (bukan nye kadang2.. but slalu kadang!!) ahahaha...

Okey.. back to our main topic! I went to SMKS9 today wit Joe... Owh... there's a funny story involving Joe today at school which I'll tell u guys later. Okay... we lepak lepak at school canteen. Okay... first person that I met.. jeng2.. Liyana Zakaria!!! huhuu.. owh men... she looked soooooooo disciplined~ haha.. PLKN roxx aaa?? kah kah... she told me about PLKN's life... some best moments, some not so good~! ahaha.. she told me about having a best friend there.. a girl from Shah Alam... who lives in section Tiga puloh (oh... forgive me for not using number format... I used tigapuloh instead 30... becoz.. it sounds klaka skit la.a... and u guys should hear Liyana Z pronouced it this morning...)

kay okay.... then.. next one I interviewed was the Deng Dengs~ Iera, Fana Latiff and I don't know her name.. that kecik2 girl... owh.. come on.. those gurls memang takleh bla.... some memorable quotes.. :

Fana : Oi come on laa woi... organ organ badan ni dah terbalik terbalik nieh!!! tak tersusun!!
Iera : Oooi.. come on weh.... jantung ni berdegup 2 juta kali sesaat nieh!!

Haha... okey.. budak budak ni poyo!!! takut konon.. chelleh!!! cis!

Next on the list.. geng Asilah, Alinda smue tue.... okey.. Asilah wasn't the way she usually are... she looked soooo nervous...

Okay.. around 11 a.m... the moment that we were being waiting for!!! the results~ cheywah... Okay... I was warned by sum one.. not to post his and his friends' full results on my blog... except for the LK papers'.. huhu.. takut plak ngan die.. cuak!!! First I met when I walked up the Dewan Stairs... Iera!!!!!! ((she didn't take LK.. so.. I'm not going to tell u guys what she got))

Maybe I'll stop typing now... I'll tell u guys wit the help of some diagram... ahhe.. we can know what their results by the look of their faces maybe. ahaha

Owh Fateen..... ayunye lah kan? ahaha

Hehey... sukri!!! ... A2 aa LK?? ;p

Liyana Z~ hmm.... nothing much to say about her.. look at her! benci!


Hmm.... tgk muke die.. die kate die sakit!

Asilah... sorry... blur sket... huhu

Farhana Latiff!!!! hehey... u should be happy wit ur result aaa~

Owh... some important pictures can't be taken bcoz of certain difficulties... such as.. weh.. today... first time I actually speak wit Fifi's mum! aaahahahaha... and Athirah's mum also.... keh keh... owh... Fifi's mum saaaaaaaangat baik! hehehe.... she told me about Fifi's studying style at home... huhu.... asik tgk TV je mak die kate! hish! Owh... Fifi tak jumpe tadi... sedih sket.. die kene balik cepat.. mak die nak kuar kot... but after that, I called her.... and later dat night, She told me "AB... mak kite kate AB ni peramah!" hahaha.. owh~

Okay.. remember about the funny story I told u earlier?? hehe....
((Joe saw Tqa walking out from the Dewan Sinar moving towards the stairs))

Joe : Tqa... Tqa dapat berape A?

Tqa : 8A.. kau??

Joe : (he told me he was like tergamam laa...)

Tqa : oooo sorry sorry.. Joe tak amik kan? silap plak!!! hahahaha
That evening, Syukri called and asked me wether I'm free or not.. He wanted to bawak me jalan2... wit his new car.. haha...owh men~ so sweet~.. That's the sweetest thing a student ever offer to me!! hahaha.. Owh.. if you said that I'm ur no.12 passenger... then.. U're my 2nd student to drive me jalan2.. Hahaha.. of course after Nadira Azmi which is ur no.13 passenger kan? who joined us just now?? ahaha... okey.. we had our minum petang at Secret Recipe SACC.

Syukri and Dira... aaaa..... long time since our last hangout session rite? that was.. hmm... during Fasting month kot.. I still remember.. we were lepak'ed rite after Solat Terawikh.. huhu.. a few times I think.. sometimes Liyana Z joined us.. wit her Pendidikan Islam's modul! uhhuuhuh.... aaaa..... sweet memories~ ;p

Aaa... best buddies!!!


Beest Buddies x 3!!!

"wei gamba kite ni kacak gle dowww!" ... -Syukri

AB!! can u behave!!?? can't u see?? I'm concentrating here!!!

Okay.. here are some funny facts about the way Syukri's driving skills today! :
  1. He loves to get nearer to the dividers while taking a corner
  2. He loves to park his car inside a mre complicated parkig box!!
  3. He loves to leave his hp in his car when he got out of his car
  4. He loves to forget releasing the handbrake and remembering it when he has already driving for about.hmm say 5 kms.
  5. And he loves to concentrate! ahahaha.. funny lah kaU!
Okay.. last but not least..... congrats to all my X-students key!!! for those who got really good results... don't think u've completed ur mission or don't ever think u're good enuff okey!?? study life is still long ahead... SPM is just a small portions key!!?.. and for those who got not really good results... dont worry.. be happy... that's not the end... consider that's just the beginning k!??
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Thanx for being such aaa reallllllly great student to me okey!!??? eventhough I'd been teaching u guys for a short period of time.. (1 and a half year I guess)... hmm.. speechless.. hahaha.. pape pon.... happy knowing u guys!!! and to be exact... happy teaching u guys!!! u're the best!!! hehe... U all will be remembered~ so... au revoir~ ;p


chakry said...

cis! sorry la, my tgn mmg shaky! tu aa pic asilah blurr sikit....


Syukri Shairi said...

haha aku tegelak semput semput seh. post ni paling poyo!!!! hahaha. lwk dr atas smpi bwh dow. tp sdey plak ble ko bangkit2kan memory yg konon2 indah..huhu. wei agaaain thanks for teaching (dan blanje td). gamba pun sume happyyy je. anyway congrats to all of us...insya allah sume bjayeee...hehehe. thanks again ab. sape2 yg tgh mencari2 kelas LK yg bkesan...daftar lah hari ini di pusat tusyen AB okk!! huhuhuhu!

Syukri Shairi said...

oh! terpost same time dgn chakra! <--sronok

aB said...

haah... aku pon dapat e-mail same gak!! same time!! hahaha thanx syukri!!

aB said...

hoho.. its okey chakra... asalkan nampak muke diorang cukup!! ahaha