Saturday, March 10, 2007

Gustanam Ajiba

Hockay guys!!! check this out... first preview of the third Pirates Of The Caribbean!!!!! arghH!!! tak tahan... can't wait to watch it!!!

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End
Release Date:
25 May 2007

Captain Barbosa, Elizabeth Swann and Jack Sparrow are finally together as a team!!! huhu

Hhey... Chow Yun Fatt!!!!!

Tonite, we're going to watch Bridge To Terabithia.... and hopefully that film is full of excitement and won't make me sleepy... (like Pathfinder..) And maybe tomorrow, Kerol invited me to watch 300.... hehehe.... he had to go to Penang earlier this morning because his future father in-law got sick. After we had our breakfast together, he went straight to Penang while I was preparing for my Class wit Rara and Syafiq.

Hehe... Rara bought me a candy... thanxx~!!! ;p

A sword duel between Syafiq and Rara

After class.. we went to Subang Parade. Had our lunch at Uncle Lim's before we had our jalan2 around Subang Parade. Owh.. Rara has soooo many friends here in Subang.... there were so many that I met just now, but I managed to remember only some of their names. Oh....and  there was this girl working at Baskin Robins Subang Parade... hehehehe (the rest tu.. discover aa sendiri ape yg dimaksudkan.. ahahaha)... TERPIKAT gak aa... hhuuh

Baskin Robins!

We are entering TOPUP .. ooops.. TOPSHOP

Around 2 o'clock, we've decided to go to Sunway Pyramid. Hahaha... my favourite shopping spot!!! hahahahaha... ;p as usual.. it is soooo hard to find parking spaces in Sunyway Pyramid during evening time on weekend plak tu!!!!

  • Owh.... she says that I really look like that spanish footballer laaa.. HAHAHA
  • Owh Papa... kalau tak best cite Bridge nie... sagat kepale kau!
  • We saw Arash Mohammad at Sunway Pyramid
  • Arghh.. if only I had more money.~
  • Okey... new word for today.... instead of TOPSHOP, she used TOPUP... GAGAGAGAG


electrical life sucks said...

kalo ko rase x cite terabithia tu x best,sory ar tp aku sgt suke sbab aku ske time warrior yg terbang tu tolong jess dgn leslie lwn penjahat2 yg pakai topi besi tu...sgt stylo sbab custom yg dorg reka sgt detailed n lawa gile....mayb jln cite agak kurang ar tp yg lain2 aku ske...aku x puas ati kalo x sambung cite tu sbab aku x tau cm ne leslie mati dan cite sebenar kingdom of terabithia tu..sgt misteri...sape dark master??(bpk jess ke or some 1 else)..ahaha!..but 300 and pirates baru mmg aku nk tgk! : )

electrical life sucks said...

owh...lupe plak...lg 1...aku ske cite fantasy cm tu..hehe....n nanti aku byr k..lupe plak smalam..hehe. ;p

aB said...

hohohoh.. best aaaa... ade popuan2 comels!!!!! shshshshshshs