Sunday, March 18, 2007

Testalamina Julu

Friendly match 18 March 2007 Padang SMS Polis TTDI Jaya

2 late goals from Kerol Marchionni ensure S8FC's unbeaten run in the year 2007 so far. Kerol was substituted during second half replacing Ramanan and his two late goals helped S8FC to go in front after being trailed by the Polis Team 4-4.

Izzat wit his new F30 boots

S8FC were in front after I picked up Joe's superb cross while Ramanan dummied their defenders to give me space to run forward, towards the goal and chipped the goal keeper and leting the ball hit the net for the first time this evening. A few minutes later Satyiaanand was fouled by the defender and this gave a chance for Joe to curl a nice powerful free kick from 25 yards directly into the goal letting the goal keeper to dive alone.. ahah

Polis team didn't show any signs to surrender yet.. a miss passed by Papa to Haq led to a powerful throw in to the Polis' striker and a slight mistake by Habeeb is enough already to give him space to volley a beutiful ball tricking Izzat and they were 1 goal behind us. The game continued for 10 minutes without goals.

Standing from left : Dunno, Ramesh, Joe, Raman, Kerol, Me, Habeeb, Satyiaa
Sitting from left : Kopang, Kamis, Kerol, Izzat, Pisang, Papa, Apis, Amir

A Polis' substitute, wearing number 5 headed the ball backwards right in front of me and I dribbled the ball passed a few defenders and passed it directly to Ramanan before he through the ball to Joe. Without any space eft for him to shoot, Joe tipped the ball to Satyiaa at the far ringht end of the penalty box and he netted the third goal for S8FC wit a beautiful come back shot!

Papa.. wit his new Nike Boots

A beautiful through ball from Papa directly to me was driblled on the left side of the pitch before being passed to Ramanan and he scored the fourth goal and the fifth goal of the first half.

4 - 1 in the first half.... Both teams were back into the locker room and a few discussion and changes were made. Major substitutions for S8FC... 6 first team players were replaced by 6 substitutes.

Second half started... few substitutions were made :
  • Kerol replacing Ramanan
  • Apis replacing AB
  • Kopang replacing Haq
  • Amir replacing Kamis
  • Unknown Joe's friend replacing Habeeb
  • Ihsan replacing Pisang

Second half started as usual. A few missed chances by Papa, Apis and Kerol really made S8FC's day collapse. Two mistakes by Kopang led to Polis' team's third and forth goal which tied the game for a moment by 4-4. Raman started to change the players and the formation by substituting some of the players which were playing since the first half unchanged. A few tries by Joe and me really dissapointing when it was being saved by the keeper and hit the post bar respectively.

10 minutes left on the clock. A nice left-footer cross by Amir was being finished nicely by Kerol when he shoot the ball into the goal for S8FC's fifth goal hence putting our team in front. After the fifth goal, I was being dropped down by a defender and it hurt my thigh with a serious injury. I've to be substituted. Ramesh came in replacing me.

A few minutes left on the clock.. A nice cross by Ihsan was headed down beautifully by Kerol to ensure S8FC untouchables run for the year 2007 so far!!! he celebrated his goal wit a weird dancing style... and the game ended wit the final result 6-4.

Although the game seemed to be a friendly match, a few bookings happened.

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electrical life sucks said...

you've said it!...we are untouchable!~ so far...arap2 thn ni x kalah ar...again,aku x score lg...babi no 5 botak..dah la tarik sluar aku(somehow aku dpt tarik balik sluar mase tgh lari sambil bwk bola),x puas ati nk slide aku lg...memula aku x rase ankle aku doh...sib baik bruise je,ankle ok..adoi..arap2 next match score!...congrats to our team! :)