Monday, March 05, 2007


MMZ (Mamak Restaurang at Bukit Jelutong) has I think one of the best Briani in Shah Alam... wit their curry... owh... soooo menjilat jari... but there's one problem... so many sayur in the nasi laa.... arghh... I ate them wit full concentration and patience yesterday. So hard to separate the nasi wit the sayur~ aiyyark..

Met Ali again. hurmm... this time at Darul Ehsan Section 8. One thing when u're hanging out wit Ali, he's full wit those kind of Lawak with serious faces.. seriously... sometimes, he makes jokes wit serious faces and sometimes he laughs crazily when there's nothing funny to laugh at. Huhuhu...

Mamak2 berkumpul dan berdiskusi about kekalahan Liverpool 

I watched Flushed Away yesterday. Owh dat movie is soooooo cute!!! really like the cartoons!! their movement (especially their faces and mouth). really made me laugh gile2 smalam....

Okay this is the funniest part!! HAHA tak tahan

Joe finished work at 10 p.m and went straight to meet us at Cili Merah after that. Owh it's Sunday and nobody goes to tution classes on Sunday. So, Joe and I can't usha our Junior Girlfriend yesterday. Hehe.. anybody can help us identify that girl's name~??? huhuhuhu....

Rijal... and old friend~ shtum!!!

Another Joe's joke... owh he asked Rijal (an old friend of mine who is studying in Germany) wether he knows a man wit the nickname Zwang or not~. when Rijal asked him what's his full name.? Joe said Azwan... then Azwan Ali... hahaha.... we didn't notice anything until he corrected the name himself then we started laughing. Haha... ((maybe u guys tak brape gelak kot sebab kene tgk sendiri die nye reaksi smue laa... baru gelak))

A few of mind your language jokes before we dismissed.

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