Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hum Hap Kama Kama

first of all... Test suxs!! aiyyo...I don't think I'll score.. hmm... the questions were not that hard.. but I didn't have my confident while answering them. Encik Rasul sat right in front of me which made it moooooore scary~ aiyyo.... but.. what I do rite?? test tu dah dijawab..

Okey.. now.. to the good news~ I finally know a few details about that girl from Cili Merah who was being USHAed by Joe and I lately... she turns out to be the younger sis of my senior back in high school.. hohohoho yes... starting to put the pieces together~ cheywah.. nanti kau kalau aku jumpe.. siap kau!!! ahahahaha

can u think of someone who u are a person who.. hmm.... u haven't see him/her gets angry... or maybe, the word angry doesn't suit him/her. Okay.. now... imagine he/she gets mad/angry~ mengamuk or whatever word that's synonim wit anger... scary kan?? okey that's what happened today in Hydrology class. The lecturer got mad!!! owh My God!! so scary~ rase cam nak nangis.. It all started when the boys from our class entered the class 20 minutes late. Hurmm.... ape lagi... mengamuklah uncle tu...

  • Lesson no.1 : human beings have their own limit of patience..
  • Lesson no.2 : don't come to class late
  • Lesson no.3 : Don't judge a lecturer by its face/appearance
  • Lesson no.4 : Don't cry when the lecturer is scoldig u~ aahahahah

Owh.. somebody told me that I've a "Mat Salleh"'s skin.. ahahaha..... I still remember her exact words yesterday... ahahaha

"Kulit AB tak jadi kaler merah... macam kulit MAT SALLEH ... tgk cam kitorang.. jadi coklat..." <--- oww.. sukenye... ;p

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