Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hung Hing Kapitan!

I think I spent most of my day yesterday.. lying on my bed, and sometimes when I felt it necessary to sleep, I sleep. Huhuhu. Habeeb was at my house playing God Of War 2 and I helped him only when he got lost in the game.

Man UTD won again last night... the same goes to Chelsea. Hmm. damn!! arghh..... Last night, Kerol, Ali, Papa, Tengku and Apis slept at my house. Hahaha... so... imagine what the situation is when Ali, Papa and Tengku combine their strength doing extraordinary jokes and guess what.. we slept at 4 a.m!!!

We had a battle of Winning Eleven (as usual) wit my team (consists of Apis and me) won most of the game. Hahaha....

Hmm.... look at the three stooges... sleeping until the end of days!
  • Haha... Lutfi Sujak also said that my face looks like Shevchenko.
  • Hoho... I have my new Baskin Robbin's favourite flavour!! aaahahhahaa


electrical life sucks said...

3 stooges or 3 gilers...ab + apis = combination cheats,ali + teng = combination jokers,aku + kerol = x de combination langsung...kalah memenjang....aku + teng + lyon = combination man u maut blasah kerol + apis..ahaha...puas ati..kekeke.

"kte x kn dpt masok punye!" - teng,mase lwn ab + apis...haha :)

aB said...

haha... memang poyo lah tengku tueh... kah kah kah...