Friday, March 23, 2007


I was playing my piano this morning and I finally found the correct notes for this one particular song. Yanni - Enchantment.... It's a really nice song.... relaxing and I felt so happy this morning bcoz finally, I manage to play about 80% of the song so far. Haha.... Felt like I dun wanna leave the piano when the clock showed me it's 15 minutes past 8. So, I had my quick breakfast, hopped into the car and drove all the way to UiTM! Hehey.. not bad for an intro ey? so far so good aa?? ahaha

As usual, Encik Ismacahyadi Bagus' Geology Laboratory is always my favourite! He started the class wit a really hilarious joke by scolding some of the girls for not wearing proper shoes during his lab. So... what he did, he gave them a pair of really nice "so-called-proper-shoes" to all of them... and they wore it hesitantly. Hahaha....

Amin seemed to be the only student to do all the work properly! He's such a hardworking boy. While he was doing the experiment, some of us were just wondering around the lab, taking pictures, playing hide and seek, doing some crazy acts/jokes, modelling and also singing.

See what I mean??? Amin is always doing te work!!!

Next week we'll gonna have an interview wit Encik Isma regarding our Laboratory.. OMG... takuT!!!

Encik Isma.... giving his lectures!

Me and Roy.. pretending as Aliens!!

Happy Birthday Munie!!!

Next on the list.... Encik Jamaluddin Osman's class.. Oh god.. I like Fridays!!! hahaha...... we were shocked to see Encik J.O sleeping in the lab... he looked sooo tired and Hisham took the rick to wake him up by waving while knocking the window pane of the room which he was. He woke up!! hehey.... He explained to us about the next machine that we're going to report on. And after he finihed giving us the information, the machine seemed to having some sort of a problem. Oh btw.. we were examining the Air Conditioning unit. So, with a relax expression, he said "okeylah... kamu terangkan ajelah ape yg saye terangkan tadi .... buat report.... tak payah buat amali, nanti kamu mati plak.. susah..... jumpe next week!" Bye~ aaahahahaha... I admire his style~ kah kah

Ho'oh.. Mr J.O is sleeping~

Friday prayer~ Owh... I was sooooooo weak this afternoon... I felt like I'm going to have a fever laaa...... 

Watched Mr Bean's Holiday today at Bukit Raja.. Owh guys... I just wanna tell u... this movie is sooooooo SUPERB!!!! really nice.... trust me!!! It shows us the beauty of France and their girls too.The songs used throughout the movie are sooooooooooooooo  nice!!!! Hahahaa.... really like the movie.. almost all the scenes are BORINGLess.... well, I like it when a movie ends wit a happy ending.... jeng jeng jeng... so the same goes to this Mr Bean's!! Aaahaaahahah we laughed and laughed throughout the movie. And sometimes, we felt weird when there's nothing to laugh at, so.. we just keep on laughing! AAAAAHAHAHAHAH

Bean and Sabine! Aaaahahaha

Owh.. some one said that I look like Takuya Kimura lah plak! Hurmm... boring btul! chiehs!!!!

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