Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Owh.... I'm feeling really sad~ rite now.. a few saddening tragedies occured this week. So... Syukri might not see those "happy-happy-belake" post kot today. But.. who knows... it might turn out to be a Happy-style-saddening-tragedies-story-telling-post yaa? Hmm... okey where shud I start?

Arsenal got knocked out of the Champions League.. Hurmm... people surrounding didn't notice how sad I'd been when I saw the final results of last week's match.. Damn PSV!! I hate u! aahahahahha....

Next on the list... waaaa.... it has been 6 days now doww... today... since I last met SITI!!! arghh... where is she?? penat aje tunggu Cili Merah weii!!! aiyyo.... maybe she hates us actually.... ho ho ho

Okay.. this morning, I was shocked to receive Kerol's sms at 4.30 a.m telling me that his Future-Father-In-Law passed away around 4.20 a.m. Innalillah.... he went straight to Penang later that morning. Owh... before that, 2 days back, my old friend from SMKS9 called me and invited me over to his Father's kenduri arwah... gosh!! I hate it when it comes to deathness!!!... hmm... and just now, while I was eating wit my mother, she told me about one of my x-student's mother who passed away earlier today.. hurmm... kepada sesiape yg sedang atau pernah mengalami kematian keluarga, sesungguhnye terima dengan hati terbuka, sabar dan anggap itu hanyelah ujian tuhan kepada hamba2 nya ok? Alfatihah...

Okey lately.. I've been receiving weird messages from somebody-tak-bertauliah and those messages keep on disturbing my mind rite now.. aiyyo.... what is she thinking laa.... hurmm..... stop disturbing other peoples life lah kan? hehe =)

Friends come and go... rite? and lately.. I find it hard to spend time wit some of my friends.. and that includes allll the kind of friends laa... except for enemies.. ahaha.. okey.. sum times I feel like I was being used by my friend, and sumtimes.. I feel like I was the one who are using my friends plak.. ho ho ho but.. that's the reality rite? it's hard to find true friends nowadays.. and I've just realised about that lately. So... my advice... think twice or maybe more before doing sumthing for ur friend! aaahahaahaha... make sure what u give, u'll get back! cheywah.. unless U don't want to be friends wit him or her.. cam biaqpi lah kau... It's dissapointing laaa... =) beautiful and cute faces when they're in problems, but ignore us when they are wit somebody else better (kononlah wei), or when they are happy, bla bla.

Okey.. and now.. the minor tragedies!! hahaha.. I got ulcer~ (donno If I selt it right or wrong..) .. and ... it annoyed me!!! I can't eat like a normal human being... u see.. I have to twist my teeth and eat using only my left side of my mouth since my right side is injured! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa beLLos!! I have a different style of speaking too!! hahaha....

Owh... I've started missing her. Hehhe... she starts avoiding me again... hurmm... owh.. for ur information... the "she" I was referring to doesn't read my blog k? neither she knows of its existence also! so.... U are not the "SHE" so.. sile jangan perasan k!!?? ahahhaha.. but.. it hurts losing somebody who u really like kan? kah kah kah.. poyo seh... ;p

okey... next. I got 20/30 for my mats test. Hurm...

Okey... while I was typing this post.. suddenly I got one good/great news... haha.... I met somebody at Bukit Raja today... and she said "AB handsome lah tadi" Haaahahahahahaha

Picture to accompany my sadness.... haha (hehey.. I laughed!)

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