Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wachana Bebs Kuitaliman

My leg's realy hurt. Arghh!!! help help!! I went to class today as an OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya)... Nabilah sms'ed me at 9.00 a.m telling me to come early.. around 9.45 to discuss sumthing about our presentation this morning. But.. as I expected, no one was there....!!! and tergedek2 they came around 10.20 or 10.25 like dat. Hurmm... And as a result.. my presentation sux!!! no preparation lah katekan... ahahhha....

tgk tu azalea!! sempat bersms time lecturer tgh berceramah

I've decided not to drive for the evening class. Static class... I don't like Static class actually... I'll fall asleep. Hurm.. thank god I've bought 2 packets of Nano Nano earlier and that reduce the level of my sleepiness during the Static class. I ran out of Nano Nano after I gave some to Munie, Nana, Ummu and dunno what her name girl. After realising that I'm running out of Nano Nano, I turned my attention to Yeong, asking her if she has any sweets~ She nodded.. Huhuhuuh.... I got Yeong Halls and that kept me concentrate in Static class. Hahaha



I sat next to Azalea and Daliah in DKA, hearing Mr Yeong Chua Bon's lecture. and Azalea kept on busying her life wit her HP... sms'ing her boyfriend kot... while Daliah concentrating wit the lecture given. The class ended finally and Azalea tortured me by asking me to follow her see Puan Hamidah kot. So, I hav to go up the stairs (wit my injured leg), wait for that puan to finish her meeting (also wit my injured leg), follow her fax the letter and bla bla bla... then only she sent me back home.

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