Friday, March 30, 2007


Okey where shud I start? Hmm... first of all, today's Geo Lab might be our last last since we'd done our interview.... I was being asked about Metamorphic rocks! OMG thanx Encik Isma coz I manage to answer two questions right!! out of three....

Boom!! Basha!

Syibuk je tangan Izzat

Owh.... wayang~

Picked up Tengku while I was pontenging MNE Lab..... sent the PC to PC Shop section 3, went to praay wit Joe and Tengku... had our lunch at my house...

What we saw on our way to O.U?? ahahaha.... first. we saw a headless lorry. Well, u maybe dont think it's a weird thing.. a lorry without its head! Heh! but... we're talking about a headless lorry on a heavy rain weather! ahahaha.. so.. lawak lah.... Tengku said that "mesti lagi best kalau uncle tu buat bentuk PEACE!!!" ahahaha

Vroom.. can't u see dat I'm driving??? :p

Next.. a modified school bus... wit a centered Exhaust~ gilelah wei..... ni nak racing ke ape bus nie!!!?? hhoho... and FYI.. Joe kept on Ngorating all the Tol-ladies each time I stop!! ahahaha... sorry Joe.. gurau aje laaa.... HAHAHAHA

WDB 1799??? LPKP!!!! ahahaha

What I want to tell u guys really2 is.. about the movie Pan's Labyrinth! Oh My God!!!! really like da movie!!! I love Ofiella~ Owh owh sooo cute she is!!!! but I hate her step father a.k.a Captain Vidal... hurm.. so cruel and tak berperikemanusiaan... :p so.... wit this opportunity given to me ... I would like to encourage all of u to go and watch the movie!! sementare stock masih ada!! ahahaha kui kui kui... but there are certain parts which I was like "Eeee gelinye.. tanak tgk!!" haahahah

While watching the movie.... I noticed something similar between the characters in it wit my 3 friends who were sitting besides me in the cinema... hahaha... meh meh lihat.... :

Captain Vidal - Izzat
Dont make tooo much talking
Good wit guns
Like to torture people...

This Talking Goat - Joe
Like To Dance

And last but not least.....

Jijik Creature - Tengku
Owh owh owh..... U can see it for urself.... same kan macam tengku?? especially when he was mimicking the pose live!!!!!

After the movie... we went jalan2 around O.U.... haha... I bought new jacket!! more like a coat laaa.... Gray in colour! keh keh keh.. I Lyke~!! ;p

Hohoho... so far so good ey~??? :p

Papa.... Casanova~

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