Wednesday, March 28, 2007

One month to go~

Wait for this movie ey~ aaaahahahahahahaa another month to go~

Owh... the heat is on! we took our Examination Slip today. arghh.... soooo scared laaa.... Cik Yani taught us well today. She managed to put an understanding on Dynamic in us.

Tomorrow I'll be having my first CTU553 test!!! arghhh.... need to study really hard lah tonight... I've 2 more topics that need to be covered by tomorrow afternoon. Hehey.... I feel really happy today~!!! ngeh ngeh ngeh...

Waaaahahahahaha..... if u noticed, a few pictures on this post are different from the pictures on the previous posts. Haha.. I've edited them... I found a really nice website which can edit photos into anything that u ever dreamt of. Hahahaha

Friends... without u guys.... makes my life dull.... (owh tgk tu... kerol sedih menceritekan masalah.. Papa sibuk usha orang)

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