Saturday, March 17, 2007


Hurm... not much happened yesterday so I've decided to write about the 3 movies that I watched the past 3 days. Hmm... first on the list is 300 which I watched together wit Ali and Papa... okay.. first of all I wanna say that I'm totaly disappointed wit the movie. Not dat the movie is bad.. but.. I thought it was a different style of movie earlier. Haha... The movie tells us about the strength and the power of 300 Spartans against hundreds of thousands of Persians (which I hate the most a movie about an outnumbered-type-war-movie.. haha). But later in the film.... the Spartans were defeated at last. Hahaha....

Then, the movie really tells us about the cruelty, stupidness, weakness, etc of the Persians.. hurm. There are sooo many hideous, bad-looking, ugly, gigantic monsters in the movie which I think they didn't even exist during that period. Hurmm... well... Most people like the movie rite? hahaha....

Next on the list, Turistas. A bit kejam lah the movie. Thank god there are beautiful ladies in the movie which help me avoid sleepiness while I was watching it on Thursday. But the sad part is, when u watch a movie full of sxy girls.. and sitting next to a girl.. who... turns out to be ur X-student, trust me.. U'll feel uncomfortable... Hahaha.. okey.. Liyana Z is annoying!!!! but Fifi isn't. HAhahaha.... at some parts, Liyana Z was like covering my eyes aaa when were scenes involving sexy ladies.. Hahaha....

And the most geli"est" part is when the doctor is operating the people to take their organs like kidneys, heart and leaver. Hurmm... And what I hate about the film is... there are soo many underwater scenes!!! haha... and at the end of the movie... we were all like "laaaaaaa die ni ke hero??? hahahahaha!!!!!!" U watch it and U'll understand... ;p

Mukhsin! OMG.. I dunno why I joined Mak and the others watching it yesterday.. Arghh.... the movie is soooo slow... and I'm gonna tell u sumthing, I hate movies without sound effect or musics.. Hurmm... but I like both the songs that were played in the movie.. One is "Hujan" kot by Adibah Noor and the other "Ne Me Quite Pas" by Nina Simone. Really like dat song... haha... similar to Sepet and Gubra, this movie is full of slumber and unexpeced jokes. Which.. on the other hand, I like!! huhu.. especially Orked's dad! aiyyo.. lawak lah die....

Ne me quitte pas                          Don't leave me
           Il faut oublier                      it 's neccesary to forget
            Tout peut s'oublier              everything you need to forget
       Qui s'enfuit deja                     which is already over
Oublier le temps                       forget the times
          Des malentendus                of the misunderstandings
Et le temps perdu                         the lost time
              A savoir                          comment to know how
Oublier ces heures                        forget the hours
     Qui tuaient parfois                     which sometimes kill
A coups de pourquoi                     the reasons why
Le coeur du bonheur                    the heart full of joy

Ne me quitte pas                          Don't leave me
Ne me quitte pas                          Don't leave me
Ne me quitte pas                          Don't leave me
Ne me quitte pas                          Don't leave me

Moi je t'offrirai                              I offer you
Des perles de pluie            pearls of rain
     Venues de pays                  coming from countries
Ou il ne pleut pas               where it never rains
Je creus'rai la terre                 I will cross the world
Jusqu' apres ma mort        untillafter my death
             Pour couvrir ton           corps for to cover your body
         D'or et de lumiere;                with gold and bright light
       Je f'rai un domaine               I will give you a kingdom
       Ou l'amour s 'ra roi                where LOVE will be king
         Ou l'amour s' ra loi            Where LOVE will be the law
             ou tu serais reine            and where you will be queen

Ne me quitte pas                         Don't leave me
Ne me quitte pas                         Don't leave me
Ne me quitte pas                         Don't leave me
Ne me quitte pas                         Don't leave me
Ne me quitte pas                         Don't leave me
Ne me quitte pas                         Don't leave me


chakry said...

ah, nice review! 300 x best sgt ke? see la... but, need to watch mukhsin aa... heard it was quite nice...

i love nina simone! nak download lagu tu aa... her 'feeling good' best gak!

aB said...

ahaha... yeah? "feeling good" aa?? thanx!! ahahhahaa

Unknown said...

Bonjour Hello,
ce photo That picture,
Est Hyper-cool Ab! Super-cool Ab,
Sans blague, No Bull!

aB said...

plusultra who?? I dont understand.. ahahaha