Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bulah Kus...


Yeay!! finally it's Friday... it means dat today is the last day studying before we had our holiday!! (wekend holiday je aaa..) but trust me... studying in higher level is such a hard and busy task!!!! So, even a two days holiday (a.k.a weekend) is sooooo valuable.. waaa.. can't wait!!!

So.. where we we? .. hmm.. did I mention to u all about my new student..?? well... he is definitely a boy. Which makes him the fourth boy out of 4 in the group.

Owh.. remember about dat girl?? ehehe... okay.. starting from today.. I'll name her myself.. let us call her SITI.... okay.. I was informed yesterday, she was in form 1 last 2 years which makes her a form 3 student this year! ahahaha.... owh men.. she looks exactly the same!! (haha.. macam iklan Heinneken plak..)

Yesterday.... after finishing the CTU class.... we had our evening-meal at McD section 3. Owkay... there was a couple who annoyed us wit some aksi-aksi-menjengkelkan that really pi**ed Joe  off!!! aaaaahahahahaha.... Gilelah geli.... ikutkan hati nak je tangkap gambar or video.... tapi... malas lah.. ahaha...

Can u see the one part of the couple?? ehehe

After that, we went jalan2 and Apis bought a 1GB memory card for his N70 phone. He's using DIGI number gak aa now... ho ho ho... welcome to Digi Family~ "I'll follow you~"

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