Monday, March 26, 2007

A day wit da chipmunks!!!

I got my first strike(the only one kot..) on his throw... hahaa

Okay.. first of all, I wanna express my feelings about Geology Class today~ aaaaaa….. the lecturer.. Pn Siti Burbaya seemed to be in a bad mood this morning I think. She got angry when a bunch of male students talking to each other while she was writing notes on the white board… oh my god.. the notes aaaa… sooooooooo gile long and panjang laa…. And tiring~. But.. a student should do whatever his/her teacher ask kan? Ahaha.. so… I wrote for 4 full A4 pages… aiyyo….. for about 1 and a half hour. Hihihi….

Can u see the lecturer?? ahahaha

After picking up my Dynamic book from Hazrin at 12.30, I went straight home and decided to skip Dynamic Class… I wanna finish my CTU assignment since the due date is this Thursday. Hohoho…… with a little patience, I managed, finally finished the assignment wit flying colours!! Aaahahahahaha…

I received a msg from Azalea :
“ AB sign kan kite ptg nie….”
While she also received this sms for me:
“Azalea pegi kelas ke? Sign kan tuk kite.. hehe”

Hahahaha…. See..??? ponteng fellas!!! Don’t ever think of being like them!!!! They’re bad…..!! (geleng2 kepale sambil tutup mata)

After a few sms… we’ve finally decided instead of going to Dynamic class, we went to Sunway Pyramid! Ahahahhahaa……. Azalea picked us (Me and Joe) after I took my dad’s KIA Carens from Sri Muda.

No interesting-unwatch movies at TGV… owh.. FYI TGV has changed its appearance. HAHAHAHA… come and see for yourself the new look of TGV Sunway Pyramid! Ahahhaha……. So, we went for Bowling~ yeay!! (Hmm.. benci!)

We played one game……. And.. again, I lost… ahahaha final place!!! Lowest marks!! Hhuhuhuhuhu.. but I’m used to dat situation.. so… it’s okay.. try harder next time!!! After bowling, had our food at Kenny Rogers and A&W.. ahahah gile kan? Makan kat due tempat!?? Kah kah kah….. then we went to Kodak machine, printing some pictures, SEED, Nicole, ADIDAS, Vincci, blab la bla…. Before deciding to go home.

At Kenny Rogers. ahahaha... that idiot on the right said that I look like Cristiano Ronaldo!!

But the main attraction is at the Pet Shop!!! Owh owh wh I really like this one ekor hamster… he (we think) was sooooo hyperactive!!!!!! And cute too~ really like him~!!!! Arghh…… I wanna buy him just now… but Azalea said “DON’T!” ahahahaha… jahat

Okey.... the right one is the hyper one... Like Joe Said : "Aku rasa... ni hamster atlit laa.." ahahahaha takleh blah..

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