Thursday, March 22, 2007

Birthday Birthday Birthday!!!!!

Okey.. the past 7 days were the busiest week of this year so far I think... hurmm.. so many assignments, meetings, kerja2, minum2... dan lain lain... haha.... starting from 16-23 March ni.... so many birthday... so.. I wanna wish happy belated and upcoming birthday to all of u~!!!

Friday (16.3.2007) Abg Fahim

Owh happy belated Abg Fahim! I haven't met u for months I think! hahaha.. keep on ur "be cool" motto okeh!!! hehehehe he turns 28 this year.. yet still single.. ahahahaha

Saturday (17.3.2007) Farhanna Latip and Affiqah Azhar

Both of them turns 18 this year! haha.. to Farhanna.. congrats for ur SPM result!... 6A's aa?? ahaha.. happy belated!!!

Sunday (18.3.2007) Nashrif

Owh.. my log lost best friend!!! hahaha.... u've got old laaa..... pity u... ahaha... but we managed to hang out together on his birthday last Sunday together wit Papa, Hyd and Leia... Good luck in ur studies~

Owh.. before I forgot.... Me and Tengku were at the Stadium when Syukri was going to PLKN... uhuhuh.. sedih sedih

Monday (19.3.2007) Nani

Hehey.... it has been 3 years genap since I first knew her... We met while chatting at MSN during her birthday 3 years ago.. haha. so, her birthday is also our friendship date! ahahaha

Tuesday (20.3.2007) Zarith Sofia

Happy belated gak to this sombong girl.. Hahaha.... She didn't reply my Birthday Wish also laa... jahat!

Wednesday (21.3.2007) Edot

One of my closest friend since Diploma. Haha... we actually became friends during the third seester kot... can't remember... but.. she's a really nice person. She never gets angry!! hoho... when being partnered by Ayun... hahaha.... I'll feel like I'm in Japan! hahaha.... Anime Gang! :p

Happpy Birthday Edot~!!

Didi sombong~ hahaha..... hantu gambar~

We celebrated Edot's birthday at McD section 3 yesterday (Thursday)... there was Didi, Ra'are ganas, Daliah, Azalea, Sufizan and Zarith Sofia also (not the above's zarith aaa..) aahahhaa......

Thursday (22.3.2007) Nadira Azmi

One of my most-sayang-students... Dira!! hehehe.. she turns 18 today~ owh... she can now finally watch 18PL , 18SG , 18SX movies laaa..... and even enter a night club! ahahahhaa... Well, she's kinda busy lately wit her study, test all around... well.. hope we can hangout again some other time aa!! ahahhaha

Friday (23.3.2007) Murni

She's my Degree Classmate this semester. she's a Garang-Face-Type-But-Kind-Hearted-Gurl laa..... nice knowing u mayte~ ehehhehe.. Happy upcoming birthday k!!!??? :P

Kerol has turned into a really cheer-looking guy lately... since da nak kawin ni kan? tgk lah tu.... dgn bawang pon bleh berkawan 

Whatcca lookin' at?? I'm Ali!!!!

Hmm.. besides birthdays, there's not much activities wit friends except those Hang-out session during the night. Apis is also a busy man lately, Joe wit his commiment-to-7-11. ahahaha... finally.... it is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday~ so.... Wayang time!! ahahaha..... anybody wanna watch Mr Bean wit me tomorrow??? meh meh jom jom~ yeay!!! ahahahaha....

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