Sunday, March 11, 2007

Boumsing Katalan

"Mrs. Myers: If any of you try to download this essay, you will be downloaded into detention."

This is one of several funny quotes that I remember from the movie Bridge To Terabithia that we watched last night. Mrs Myers is the teacher and she was saying the quote while giving her students an assignment (homework.)

At the beginning I thought the movie was quite boring, slow and maybe a time wasting movie. I was like.. hurmm.. ni yg mengantuk nie.. nak tido nie~ arghhh.. But it all changed after the movie started introducing Lesslie Burke and that Ms Edmunds (Music teacher). They are both verrrry cute and cantix respectively~. hahaha.... Well, overall I can say the movie is quite good comparing to the Pathfinder.

Lesslie Burke and Jess Aarons

Jesse and Leslie (hero and heroin) are beautiful people regardless of their ages. They show us how to enjoy life, how to do the right things, how to be faithful to one's friends, and have hope for the future. We learn a lot from these ten year old children.

Miss Edmunds.. aaaa really love her~

Hey, the movie managed to make me feel really2 sad.. hoho.... there's this one part in the movie laa.... which comes out unexpectedly. Hurmm.. I hate such a bad and sad ending movies!!! ihsh!

After the movie, we had our midnight drink wit Kerol. Kerol just arrived from Penang and he looked exhausted. Oh... we had a really3 big laughs last night. We were exchanging jokes wit one another. It maybe wasn't a big laugh night if Tengku didn't show up. Haha... his existence there really changed the Tempo last night. Hahaha... some jokes about Papa is what I can classified as "takleh blah".. huhu.. everybody was talking about the same story. Papa's habits while watching movies. Huhuhuhu...

The two creatures in the film that Papa kept on "whoish!!! gilelah stylo siot~!!!!" each time they appears in the movie

Owh did I tell u that we slept at 6.30 this morning? and that was all because of Winning Eleven. A few games were played last night. I was partnered with Habeeb vs Tengku and Joe. Hahaha... it's a really3 funny when u watch Tengku in action playing Winning Eleven! ahahaha

P/s :
  • Satyiaa told me that I should watch 300!! he said that it's the best movie in 2007!
  • He also old me that he can finally  play football now
  • Tomorrow the SPM result is gonna come out!! hahahaha.... so far so good ey!??? ;p
  • it has been 4 days since I last saw SITI... ahahahahha
  • Happy birthday Dina Azureen~!!!!


electrical life sucks said...

owh...yg korg gelak gile babi kuat mase aku byr tiket psl aku eh...nk dgr gak ar...dah la ko salah kc kad kt aku....ade ke kad memory lane...aku pn x perasan mase nk byr tu,kalo aku g kt ko nk tuka kad,kene beratur bapak pjg ar...x pe,skali2 aku blanje kwn2 aku..hehe...yg fly warrior tu ko x amik gambar yg ade pedang punye...itu yg stylo tu sbab ade pedang...haha!..jom2 tgk 300 minggu ni...kudim dgn smue budak2 yg da tgk ckp gempak gile jek..jom!

electrical life sucks said...

owh...lupe...ade lg 1 quote..."close ur eyes,but keep ur mind wide open,and u can create a whole new world",miss edmonds ckp kt jess kt museum...haha!..tutup la mata skang...jd ape?!

aB said...

ahahaha... aku nampak kau je bile tutup...