Saturday, August 12, 2006

Ameer and Clown!!!

Saturday, 12th August 2006... another week without Tution on saturday. A futsal game again. Gosh!! for three weeks in a row, futsal futsal futsal!!! but only This time we were playing at ISF Section 15. Different surrounding, different price and sum new faces. New faces like Nadia (akak Dira) and Tqa really made the game more exciting. Haha.... Nadia la paling semangat nieh~!! ;p

After that we had our lunch at Darul Ehsan Section 9. Raimi and I had a plate of maggie Goreng each while Athirah ate Roti Boom!!!! after eating, send Athirah and Raimi taimi's house before going back home.

12 noon, picked up Raimi and Athirah (wit AMeer and Ilah later on) and started the unforgettable journey to One Utama (cheywah... ;p). At O.U, everybody bought two tickets each for two movies (Midsummer Dream (Sueño de una noche de San Juan, El ) and Click). We had some italian food at Delicious while waiting for Apis Bird to come and meet us there.

We had a quick meeting wit Apis Bird coz by the time he reached O.U, our first movie was about to start. So sorry Apis... maybe other time... hihihi. Okay, the first movie, an animated film actually was based on William Shakespeare's novel entitled Midsummer Dream. The story was a little bit mengarut aaa.... come on laaa... cartoonzz!!!! but there were certain parts which really made me laughed aa... especially that little creature name PUCK... owh and the fat goblin or some-kind-of-monster creature name OBERON... haha.. funny funny....

After the first movie, went jalan2 inside O.U. This is the interesting part. Met a clown on our way. Haha.... I can see Ameer's face changed from normal to a bit pale aaa.... owh... Ilah told me that AMeer was afraid of clowns!! Hahahaha.... then I show them my evilness... I called the clown and showed Ameer to him.. Haha... the clown came and he was like holding both AMeer's shoulders and said something to him. Ameer just keep trying to avoid the clown which finally he succeeded. Hahaha... lucu lucu..... can't forget those impression on Ameer's face!!! ;p sorry ameer... terjadi Jahat laaa....

Second Movie... wheee...... CLICK... staring Adam Sandler (Michael Newman), Kate Beckinsale (Donna Newman), Christopher Walken (Morty), David Hasselhoff (Ammer<--this one yg tak takut clown punye),Henry Winkler (Ted Newman), Julie Kavner (Trudy Newman) and Sean Astin (Bill). Owh.. what can I say about the movie??? Reallllyy nice!!! filled wit comedy throughout the entire film!!! and some emotional scenes laaa..... just watch laaa.... but... truely a must see for comdeians!!! ;p

From O.U... got back home around 8.30 p.m... after sending Athirah and Raimi at Raimi's, I went to Cili MErah. had my dinner there alone!! while waiting for Abah's food to be tapaued!! hihihi... on my way back, saw Shaki, Fana and Amirah (I Think) and they asked me to send them back to Amirah's house. I sent them before went got back home.

P/s :
  • owh... saw some people I knew at O.U... Khaizat, Faliq (I Think from Juventus Fan Club Malaysia.... (JFCM) and some other which I forgot their names.. Haha
  • "... Dik, boleh turunkan kaki dari kerusi depan tak dik...!!..." quickly Athirah, Raimi, Ilah and Ameer put down their legs from the seats in front of them after being sounded by a GSC worker.
  • "... Dik, kaki tu boleh turunkan tak!!..." Quickly Ilah put down her legs for the second time but only this time she didn't know that it was my voice that told her to do so. HAHAHA
  • "... Adik takut badut ke??..." <-- I think this was the dialogue said by the clown to AMeer while holding both of his shoulders!!


Niksu Rashid said...

saye ingin benar menonton cerita 'tekan' aka click haha.

aB said...

hahaha... tgklah.... best gile tau..!!!!

electrical life sucks said...

patut ar ko x main bola lor...haha.