Tuesday, August 15, 2006

No No No......... ;p

Today, Monday, August 14th. I woke up early this morning. hehe.. Happy birthday to Raimi and Kokie!!!! Sorry Kokie I can't wish you through my phone coz I don't have ur new number!!! hhihihi ;p.

Drove mak to JBA Klang. Mak wanted to pay some bills. While waiting for Mak paying those bills, Shaki called and asked me to bring "My Old Album" whenever I see Ilah. Hahaha... Okie Dokie~!!! Then mak came and we went to Jaya Jusco Bukit Raja. Did some shopping there, grab some food at McD before going  back home around 2.15 p.m.

Next, Athirah's tution. Today's topic, tangent!! (my favourite!!) After football, Apis came to my house and we will be going to Cili Merah to had our dinner. Kerol came a few minutes later. Did some talking regarding our football team. Haha... we were planning to have a special football match for Kerol (More like testimonial's match aa) before he got married next year. HUHUHU.. wait for it~

Papa came by around 9.30 p.m and he seemed tired. Maybe because of his classes. Azpa called and told me that he wanted to join us at Cili Merah. Aiyoooo..... dah lambat aaaaa..... but.. as a good friend of him, I waited.. cheywah.... Azpa came around 10 p.m. Told us about his life. hehe.... new haircut... ;p... around 10.30 pm, Azpa sent me back home. Hohoho.....

  • ".. Hairnoyying.." <-- haha.... can somebody recall?? ;p
  • "...hohoho... I got Raimi's sis' phone number.. wek wek wek..." thanx Ilah~
  • "...Ey AB... jom next week kita pergi Ice Skating.... nak tengok AB jatuh.." <-- haha.. Fifi, sorrylah tanak... coz awal awal dah cakap camtu... wek!
  • Papa.... aku sedih laaa lepas mendengar cerita sedih yang kau cerita semalam... ;(


electrical life sucks said...

"Papa.... aku sedih laaa lepas mendengar cerita sedih yang kau cerita semalam... ;("

cerite ape?

aB said...

haha.. adelah satu cerite tu nanti aku kasitau