Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pizza Hut~!!!!

Had a really scary nightmare last night!!! "I played the piano while a girl (tankkkkk) sang besides me..." hahaha... hate that dream!!! dunt want it to come true... heiheihiehie

Drove mak to TESCO and MAYBANK this morning... Back home, continue my sleeping wit da pillow activity. Woke up around 5.30p.m then went out to grab some food at Pizza Hut together wit Athirah and Shaki. Met Azim, his girlfriend and sum kids (haha.. budak kecik) there celebrating Azim's girlfriend's birthday I think.

Athirah had gone mad I think. She ordered food for 4 persons!!! while there were only three of us!!! ayark..... food wasting!!!! Really had fun that evening. Azim came to join us for awhile before he went back. Haha.... there's this one moment when I laughed extremely!! more like exaggerating!! haha... my face turned red <-- according to Shaki. hurm...

Picked up Ilah at her house on our way back home. She wanted to join Athirah and Shaki's study group tonight!!! hahaha..... Study tau!! jangan asik berborak aje.. To all form 5 students, good luck okay!!!! hihi.... they will be seating a Pendidikan Islam's trial paper tomorrow~!!!! XM!!! ;p

Night time, had dinner at Darul Ehsan section 8 together wit Kerol, Papa, Apis and Tengku.. owh... had a really funny discussion about football (again... ;( ) Kerol was acting a bit funny tonight.. dunno why.. but.. he's more like a Badut (Clown laa... duhh...).. which can't be described by words... ;p

Back home, I found out that my POLL in my blog was missing!!! ayark!!! mane kau!!???? so... i've devided to create a new poll... so... please vote!!! hhihi

  • ".... Putting..." <--- the word that made me (Athirah and Shaki tooo) laughed...
  • "... parlele.... parluli.... parley!!.." <-- Kerol... if you want to hear the original version by captain Jack Sparrow, click HERE
  • "... Uchibura... "... Kerol told us the name for the player... HAHA... takleh bla....

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