Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunway Pyramid again.....

okay.. dunno what happened to Syukri today... not only he came late... (Which I've to pick him up at about 9.45 a.m.)... owh he also acting strangely... owh there is diz one time.. hahaha... Syukri tergelak sampai termenangis!!! aiyyo.... dunno why (I forgot already what exactly happened!!)....

After class... Dira forced me to go home while Liyana Z taught her the basics of piano... hihi.... GREAT!!! Dira nak blaja main pPiano... haha... ;p

Papa came to my house around 11.30 to use my internet to do some online registration for his Degree Program... Owh.. it's Sunway Pyramid again!!! hmm... time for some cartoons I guess.. Ant Bully ... a story about a kid trying to save a colony of ants. The movie is quite interesting.. got some moral values in it.

Makan tu sopanlah sket pa.... ;)

Tengku and his annoying face

Owh... tengku, Papa and Apis were all having their lunch at Ichiban Ramen.. a kind of restaurant that serves japanese food. Papa enjoyed his food very much. Munkin bagi seseorang yg mengamalkan gegile amalan tradisi kejepunan nie... die terpakse menghargai kesemuanye tentang Jepun!!! HAHA... cayalah papa!!

Papa.... ;p

After the movie... we had our evening tea (;p) at coffee bean. Owh.. that thing which Apis was drinking is sooooooo delicious laa.... I dunno what.. but something to do wit Banana.. (I Love Banana~)

We went home straight after walking around Sunway Pyramid.. window shopping and bla bla ... It's fun to hang out wit them together, Papa and Tengku are 2 funny kinda guys while me and Apis .. hmm.. dunno laa.. maybe from the serious species.. So... just imagine.... ;p ;p

Played football that evening scukly.. we watched Man UTD vs Watford at Darul Ehsan 8... Congrats to Man UTD and Arsenal Sux!!! aiyyo.... menyesal berjage tgk match pagi2... kalah!! danm!!! arghhh.....

  • ".. Kau bukan je sup janggut sotong yg kau makan pa.... sup kepala jenglot pon kau hentam gak!!!! .. " <-- owh such a funny+stupid fact from tengku
  • ".. Tapai tu kan yg macam nasi tu kan? yg bungkus dengan daun kelapa tu??"<--- haha... another one from Tengku... and Papa kenekan die balik by saying "... daun pisang larr..."
  • Owh... Apis was laughing like hell when me and Tengku were jamming this one song from Guns n Roses (Patience  I Think...) coz... the intro of the song needs us to whistle.. HAHA...
  • Aiyo... kereta tak jadi digunekan lagi malam nie... ;(

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