Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Survey Survey

How do you call yourself?

How old are you?
20 years 249 days

Where you live?
Section 8, Shah Alam

With whom?
Abah, Mak, Izzat, Afiq, Hafif, Sorang maid

Favorite things?
Musical Instruments (Esp Piano and Guitar)



Number (lucky or just magic)?

Thing to do when you're bored?
Piano, Listening To Musics, Sms, Borak, Berangan, Senyum, Berfikir, Merangkak and Berjalan2

Person to talk to when you're bored?
Best Friends laa (Who?? hehe.. sesape yg selalu saye rujuk nak berborak tu.. tau tau lah sendiri)

Place to shop?
Shah Alam Mall, SACC, Pyramid

Nasi goreng Ayam, Nasi Ayam, Kenny Rogers, Pizza, Sayurless, Seafoodless, Eggless, beefless

Place to go when you're sad?
Masjid and Shah Alam mall

Place to go when you're happy?
Masjid and Shah Alam Mall (sigh..)

What's the last thought that crossed your mind?
What Should I Do? hmm..


Person you spoke with in real life?

Person you spoke with on the phone?

Person you spoke with online?
Nabilah Sujak

Place you went?
Bus Station Sec 17

Thing you did before bed last night?

Friends stuff

Who's/are your friends?
People who writes my name when they were asked the same question

If you had to spend an entire day talking to only 2 people...?
Some"one" and Some"two"

The best person you ever un-friended?
hurmm.... maybe that one person from SMKS9

Who do you wish you spent more time with?
Family and.... buah hati ;p

Random stuff

If you could have an accent, which would you have?
French oh I love French!!

Do you remember your dreams?
Owh... my best dream ever is when Me and my mother were living in a cartoon world... weirdo eh? but.. it's realy true~

Do you speak any foreign languages?
hurmm.... besides English... a little French, Turkish, Arabic, Deutsch, Java, and sign.. off course

Relationships stuff

Are you married, dating, or single?
single mingle available

If you had the opportunity, would you go back out?

Have you ever had a friend try to steal your bf/gf?
owh.... dunno laa.. coz never had a gf ...b4!.. so.. haven't experienced any" gf being stolen by a friend" b4

Would you rather be single and have lots of friends or married?
Rather have a lot of friends to marry with... hak hak hak no lah... If I can continue my family without being married... maybe I'll give it a try... ;p

Have you ever cheated just because you can?

Last stuff

Have you ever cried in public just to get attention?
owh.. off course no.. I cried because I'm sad... chelleh

Have you ever lied just to get attention?
no la!!! I'm an honest person!! ;p

Would you ever colaborate with a friend's lie
maybe... sumtimes kene jage ati kawan kan? hihihi...

Assume you were rich, where would you buy your clothes?
Giorgio Armani and versace

What makes you smile?
Saw a beautiful/ cute girl, kene geletek, kene marah, when I see sumthing funny, sleeping, when everybody replied my sms, ... owh to tell u the truth... I'm always smiling...

What's your ultimate goal/dream?
To be sumone who can make all the people around me say "AB.. u're the best" or "AB... I Love U" or "Give me a kiss AB" or "hey... isn't that AB???" or "hye AB..." or "uh uh ur excellency~" or "can I have ur autograph??" and "Can I take pictures wit u??" ;p (Off course to be a succesful person~)

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