Friday, August 18, 2006

Happy Dah~!!! hihi

new day.... huarghh...dreamt about sumthing last night. Very interesting one laaa.... ohh... really like it!!!!! hihihihi...... Mak called for breakfast while I'm still day dreaming on my bed. Hahaha... new bed seems really comfortable. Chaisz! Had my breakfast together wit Mak and Abah. (first time dalam jangka masa yg panjang...) usually I woke up late and as a result , I had my breakfast alone. Uuhuhuhuhu...... after breakfast, Mak and Abah went out... to the mosque I think. dunno...

Continue my reading.... before picking Hafif and Huzaifi and Afiq (which had an extra class right after school time).. aiyo... felt like ntah pape ntah had to wait 30 minutes before Mak called me and said that Afiq was having extra class... aiyo.... got back home. Getting ready for Liyana Z's tuition class. 2.55 p.m dah terconggok kat depan umah Liyana dah. Suddenly Syukri told me that he can't join today's class because he wanted to go out. Hurm... (Kecik hati coz takleh dapat mug mona lisa dah...)

Liyana appeared wit her slumber face.... Fifi came a few minutes later. I taught them how to play "Rihanna - Unfaithful". Hehe.... they loved it!! chelleh..... 3.20 pm we went upstairs and begin our class as usual. Around 3.45 pm, Syukri and Dira arrived... hahaha... what a surprise!!!! Syukri lied to me eh? cakap tak datang. Cis!!!Owh... he gave me my Mona Lisa's Mug!!! haha... thanx Syukri.. thanx Syukri's daddy~!!! After the class, we had sumthing like singing session wit da teacher period. HUuhuhu.. everybody were singing including me!!! cheywah....

From Liyana's house, Dira dropped me in front of my house. After Solat Asar, quickly rushed to the field. Playing football as usual.

Night time was very interesting... On our way to Cili Merah, I saw Ameer and some budak kecik at Darul Ehsan Section 9. Hehe... using Apis' phone, I called him and tried to disturb him. But too bad, it was going according to the plan before Ameer recognised my "laughing" style. cis!!! dah nak berjaye dah. met Ameer, bla bla chat chat... Apis bird and the gang joined us at Cili Merah where the fun began. owh... we were like playing Teka Teki throughout the entire night....

  • "... AB... muke kau macam Rosicky seh, cume muke die bersih lagi laa... " <-- Thanx Izzat
  • "... Takleh terime seh Ikan Bilis Pakai Helmet..." <-- one of Apis Bird's fren.... ;p

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