Thursday, August 17, 2006

No Car~ Ayyo.... stuck!

Just read Syukri's new post. Haha... relax la bro, tak payah laa nak amik berat sangat pasal diorang tuh. keh keh... Sharifah Amani laa Rais Yatim laa... haha.. who cares... (saya ni jenis yg tak suka nak amek tau pasal hal-hal semasa... )

Lately, my internet connection is getting worse. Aiyyo, dunno why laa... it's hard for me to online now.. makes me tension!! It is getting slower and slower each day and sumtimes, I can't even get connected to the internet. Damn! ;p

I picked up Hafif and Huzaifi from school at 1 p.m yesterday before driving Mak to Ibu Pejabat Kontinjen Polis at section 9. Mak wanted to pay some summons. Haha.... ganas mak ni.. ade kena saman..!!! chelleh. Owh, I can't join those budak kecik (Ilah, Athirah, Asilah etc..) eating at Kelana Jaya. Hurmm.. so sad. Everybody went out driving a car!!! which left me transportless here at home alone. Arghhh..... I can't go anywhere!!! I'm stuck.... sigh...

Left alone at home, with nothing to do, I continue reading The Rule Of Four. Owh, this book is soooooo boring!!! It really makes me want to sleep. no heroin, no action, no jokes... ayyo.. tension tension... reading while eating cookies really effective for someone who wants to avoid sleeping while reading this kind of story books!. At last it's 6.15pm, I performed my Asar prayer before getting ready to play football.

hurmm.. people are getting fewer and fewer each day here at the field. Like yesterday, there were just about 6 or 7 of us who came to play. Dunno where is everybody else! aiyyo... Luckily there were a bunch of UiTM students (I Think ngengenge) who would like to join playing wit us.So be it... hahahaha..... they were I think some kind of professional players I guess because they passed around nicely. We lost 1 - 0 eventhough we were attacking through the entire game.

That evening Apis told me that his father is in SMC. Ayah die ade ketumbuhan kat jantung... aiyyo... scary aaa.... ;( After playing football, got back home... showed Apis my new bedroom.. cheywah.. but he's not amazed.. cheh!

had our dinner at Darul Ehsan Section 8. Kerol and Papa joined us later while watching a special show on the television. Sumthing about EPL's greatest goals for the past 10 years. We went back home after the show has ended.

  • Chat wit Asilah and she told me about sumthing.. hehe.. kesian Asilah... dont be sad.. ;p
  • Hehe.... do join those Fantasy Football League for football lovers... especially EPL!! hihi

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