Monday, August 07, 2006

Hipocriterzz = Loser of the century~!! hehe ;p

Not much happening today except for Athirah's tution class and playing football in the afternoon. Started the day as usual except that I woke up a bit late today compared with previous days. Hahaha. Damn nightmare, woke me up at 3.50 a.m.. haha... as usual also, I sent a few sms to some people.. and guess what!!! somebody replied... hihiih.... So I contacted the person and chatting!! haha... Went back to sleep at 5 a.m.

As a result, I woke up (The real woke up) at 10.30 a.m. sigh.... Had my breakfast, then played the piano (tenangkan perasaan).. If I'm not mistaken, I spent almost 2 hours playing the piano before Mak asked me to pick up Hafif, Huzaifi and Ammar.

Send them back to my house then went out again to section 2 picked up those LK modules. Boon Sin enterprise~. After that straight to section 9 to pick Afiq. Read a few pages of "The Rule Of Four" before Afiq appeared right after Shaki and her friend got into my car.

3.10 p.m... went to Shell section 9... refueling~!!! before picking up Raimi at her house.. vroooom to Athirah's~!!! After that.. met some one at Cili Merah... haha... long time since the last time I talked wit her. We shared our problems. hurmm... dunia dunia~ dipenuhi dengan problem~!!! kenapelah kene ade org2 yg bermasalah kat dunie ni kan??? adoi adoi adoi.... hate hipocriterzzz and pembeliterzz!!! kah kah kah... (gile ape.. problem pon happy.)

Arrived at "The Field" quite late today. 7 p.m!!!!!! aiyyo~ I played poorly... not my day I guess... or maybe I wore the wrong shoes!!! hurmm.. dunt care laaa... the excitement that really matters..

  • "..AB... so sorry!! xleh la g mkn aiskrim arinie. Laenkali tau. Esk ke tp. Boleh yea?.."...Owh Shaki, you dissappoint me. ;p
  • "... Hehehe... amaran amaran.... elakkan diri anda daripada orang2 yang suka mencari masalah..." peace!! (^_^)v

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electrical life sucks said...

i play like shit 2 day...main x sampai 10 minit da pancit...x tau apsal...siap kene ole dgn kamis yg emo tuh...dah la pakai baju power,main cm tu...owh man...4 ari aku x kn main plak tu...jumpe ko kt pdg la ari sabtu...babi...main futsol cm ni...x fit la aku cm ni kalo x main bola...argh...uitm is so like prison!