Monday, August 14, 2006


That's it!!! bye bye Chelsea~!! what a loser~ cheywah... they think they can buy all the players they want aa?? but.. last night's match shows us that money can't buy anything. Liverpool really showed us what football really is!! teamwork, passion, concentration!! not just all-star-players-will-win type of match!! hihi.... good luck Chelsea~ ;p wek wek.

Hehe.. smalam Syukri blanje Ais Krim kat Baskin Robins!~ huhu.. thanx Syukri!!! as usual, a few chit chatting, joking bla bla.. oh.. so mesra this teacher-student relationship!!! kah kah kah... dun't worry eh syukri... nanti aku plak blanje~cheywah... ;p

From Shah Alam Mall, I went straight to Penang Street Section 13 where I met my old pal, Ali~ oh.. he changed~!!! longer hair, taller (I think) but still funny laa as before. Kerol and Papa were also there. We had a realllllllly long discussion about sumbody being sooooooo ........ Hahaha.... nothinglaa... it's just about everybody's personal problems. Long time I think since our meeting like this. Kah kah kah.

We had a really exciting and funny football game yesterday. Wit Ali and Muazli in the house, clearly it became one entertaining game!!! hahaha.. Back home from the field, Ilah told me to call Athirah and asked her to do sumthing evil~ huhuuh.. jahat jahat nieh kamuk!!! owh... missed them already, those budak budak kecik nieh.. haha.... I called Athirah, and we talked.. bla bla bla... (as usual, bile cakap je ngan die ni mesti jadi sedih sket.. HAHAHA!!! die ni kat phone jahat sket).. keh keh. ;p

And finally, night time, we had our dinner at Darul Ehsan section 8 while waiting for the community shield match between Chelsea and Liverpool which Chelsea lost. HAHAHA.

  • ".... sejak bila kau isap Ma-Light(actually it sounds ruder aa) ni?..." ... Ali asked Kerol when he saw kerol was smoking Marlboro Light.. Haha.. Ali Ali...
  • Pa... relax aje laa oke?? ape problem yg kena kat kau tu.. kalau membesar.. let us know.. kami akan bantu dan cover kau!!! chelleh.... ;p
  • ".. Bodoh macam AB laaa.... " <---- isk isk isk.... ;(
  • Syukri, thanx eh kalau ur dad berjaye membelikan ape yg aku pesan tuuu... ;p
  • Je vraiment en grand problème... :(

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