Sunday, August 13, 2006

hiihhi... sumthing interesting!

when people hate something they see no good in that "thing". They are blinded by emotions and the same is true for people who love something ...they don't see any bad in that "thing"

love and hate

for love u have to wait
but for hate it can be made
love needs patience
while hate breeds tension

love is for you and I
hate is for me myself and I

love is white
hate is black
love never fight
hate stabbed your back

love is hard
hate is easy
love never tear apart
hate never like unity

love is slow motion
hate is fast rushing
love calls for devotion
hate calls for smearing accusing vilifying insinuating

  • Hehehe.... thaught about it... and I think it's true.. wheeeee ;p
  • Typical people aaaaa what I meant. ;p

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