Friday, August 11, 2006

Tiger Dragon Gate!!!!!

Hurm.. it took almost 1 hour for me to get up from my bed this morning.I Woke up earlier if I'm not mistaken laaaaa... day dreaming <--- made me baring baring lagi atas katil.. haha.... today is Friday, planned wit Apis and the gang last night to watch movie today. "Tiger Dragon Gate"

We (me and Papa) went straight to Bukit Raja right after friday prayer. Papa drove like hmm... GILE!!!! I think about 3 of 4 times Papa almost hit the car in front of us. "and each time he made an emergency break, he made a curse!!! (padahal die ni pon bawak kereta sambiil buat benda lain.. hadoi!!!).

At last, we reached Bukit Raja safely. Alhamdulillah... I went to buy the tickets.

  • AB : Kasi 4 tiket Tiger Dragon Gate.. yang pukul 2.50 punya.
  • TT (Tukang Tiket) : Oh.. okay....

  • (While waiting the tickets to be printed)

  • TT : Abang ni yang berlakon cerita Remp-It tu ke?
  • AB : hah? tak lah.. mane ade!!
  • TT : Yelaaa.... muka abang ni same macam dalam ade sorang dalam cerita tu... rambut pjg... yang kawan dia tu...
  • AB : owh.. ntah.... tatau plak.... nantilah saya tengok...
  • TT : Owh.... ingatkan iya tadi... sama laa...
  • Papa : Hmmmph (dgn muka bengkek)
  • TT : Okeh ni dia bang tiket... semua sekali RM32
  • (I Paid the tickets... )

Owh.... and I think the TT was soooooo bangga kot because he got the chance to talk wit a movie star!! haha.... the TT gave me RM26 back!! hmm... RM50 - RM32 = RM18!! haha... to show my kindness, I return the extra money.. HIHIHI... baik baik~

About the movie... hurmm.... SUPERB!!!!! especially the fighting scenes!! owh.. you just imagine, Chinese movies!! Kung Fu!!! extraordinary actS!! haha.. a-must-see-film for people who loved fighting.. walaupun ade sedikit kekarutan (banyaklaa actually...)

After the movie, we went window shopping.. Haha.... owh.. Apis bought a reallly nice shirt from Adidas!!! which I saw it first!! unluckyly... no "S" size for me... hurmmm.... sedih skejap!

Had our evening tea at Darul Ehsan Section 8. Papa can't join us because he had to go back home to do some chores. Played football as usual and at night time, tution at Fanna's. Back home, had some rest coz we are going to have a futsal game tomorrow!! Hahaha.. byE~!


There is this one scene in the movie which I think as really "Tak leh bla".... there was this one boy (Hero time kecik kecik) who was being bullied by a group of bad boys (samseng kecik). He was crying until the leader (ketua budak2 jahat) said "You better stop crying or I'll beat you until you smile!!" haha.. what really made me laugh was the Malay translation which sounded something like this "kau baik berhenti menangis... kalau tak, aku pukul kau sampai kau senyum!!!"


Syukri Shairi said...

tlg la jgn buat aku gelak sorang2 dpn comp..hahaha

aB said...

haha.. kau gelak sebab ape? sebab TT or sebab cerite tu punye dialog?