Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pirates Pirates Pirates

New Poll.... sumthing about Star Wars... so.. please vote okay??!! ;p

Owh please somebody help me!!! I want to be a Pirate!! Yesterday I watched Pirates Of The Caribbean : The Curse Of The Black Pearl again. Haha... Captain Jack Sparrow's role in both movies really sparks my interest to go live the pirate life... Ahhh.... I'm crazy about pirate's way of life now... Haha... bergaye laa!! Arghhh.... ;p

I feel like it is the longest day ever in my life.. dunno why... I tried to sleep a few times but the pain in my back made my sleep uncomfortable... huaarghh.... and that's the reason why I watched P.O.T.C again!! hihihi.... really entertaining.. owh...

Had my lunch and Dinner at Cili Merah... Wit the usual memberz.. discussing, chit chatting, topics? mostly on soccer. About latest transfers and rumours. Arsenal seems to buy Franck Ribery, but... no confirmation yet from the Arsenal Boss... Really want him to go to the Gunners..

  • ".. Barboooooo..." ..Papa's turn wit his annoying face and voice..
  • today's sky seemed so beautiful when we were playing football ;p

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