Saturday, August 19, 2006

Traffic Jamm!!!! hush!

Friday friday friday... After friday prayer.. I had to drive Mak to Kuala Lumpur... near the Jalan Masjid India.. Aiyo... thank god Apis was here at my house. So, I don't have to worry about getting lost or anything coz Apis is like master of roads in KL. Hahaha.

Traffic jam along federal highway.. Siht!!! Aiyo... plus, it was raining quite heavily.. hmm.. the journey became extra challenging. Come on laaa... KL laaa... hate KL!!!! hadoi. Berkat kesabaran... kami sempat sampai dan pulang dengan selamat juga. Mak even gave me some money as "upah"... hihi.. happy~!!!

After sending Mak and Makcik Kiah home, we went straight to SMC to visit Uncle Ariffin (Apis' dad). Soooo sad to see uncle laying on his bed coz I used to see him as an active and very kind person. I can feel the pain suffered by Uncle each time he tried to speak, move, breath etc.

People keep on coming to visit him from the minute we arrived. Hoaaa... aunty was so kind to give me some chocolates and cookies (Famous Amos.. favourite!! muahahaha).. I Lyke... From SMc, we went to Cili Merah to grab some food. I ate a plate of Roti Bakar while Apis had a plate of 2 roti canais. Hahaha....

Both of us didn't play football today coz soooo tired laaa... and night time, before going to farhana's tution class, I tried to eat the "Briani Gam" which I get earlier at the mosque but Mak told me that the Nasi dah basi already.. Arghhh kempunan... ;p

At farhana's, as usual, teaching teaching and teaching~ cheywah... owh... I saw Farhana's little sis wit my own eyes!!! arghhh soooooooooo terpikat!!! arghh... I also terpikat at some of her pictures from the album.. especially when she is wearing something on her head (topi laaa...) huhu... imagine if one day I'm gonna be Farhana's adik ipar kan?? keh keh keh... gurau gurau...

lately, it's hard for me to drive a car coz insufficient number of cars at home. hurmm.... so... from farhana's, Apis picked me and send me back home. Haha.. thanx Apis!!!!!! Kerol was also there inside the car and we were discussing about the accident which occured in front of the Police's flat earlier this day.

  • "... dah dah.... jangan cite lagi pasal benda2 ni.. aku tak suke!!!..." <-- Kerol ni rupenye takut... hihihi
  • ".. Farhana's lil sis name is Fasehah..... ingat tuh!!!!..."
  • ".. Gilelah... aku ingat suare M.Nasir betul tadi..." <-- Apis told me when we were jamming Nur Nilam Sari... hahaha..

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